D.I.P. Outreach Ministry- Violence & Hunger Prevention


Divine Intervention & Prevention


D.I.P. operates on the philosophy that domestic violence is multi-dimensional and often cyclical in nature and must be addressed through a range of interventions. Our goal is to provide supportive community service programs that will prepare our clients and their children to live independent and violence free lives.

In addition to helping those who have experienced abuse, D.I.P. is actively working in the community to prevent future violence. By building community capacity to understand, talk about and address dating and domestic violence while also developing locally based solutions, we let survivors know they are not alone and we help stop future violence from occurring.

We carry out our work with compassion, sincerity and clarity of purpose.

EDUCATION: Through community-based prevention and education efforts, we foster healthy relationships and increased awareness of abuse in the community, in order to put a stop to violence before it occurs.

CHANGE: Our overall goal is to end domestic violence through community education and early intervention, so that individuals and families of all backgrounds are empowered to lead healthy, safe lives.

Our Mission : "Changing lives for some, saving lives for others; while leading both victims and offenders to a place of healing and restoration by their own choice we use the living word of God as our source. " 

The D.I.P. Foundation's Mission Statement

D.I.P. relies predominantly on the community for donations and volunteers to continue to provide the much needed services for victims of domestic violence and their children.

We invite you to become involved by learning more: consider becoming a sponsor of the House of H.O.P.E. project., volunteer, donate a basic needs item, host a fundraising event, or sign up to make a monthly financial gift. With your assistance, we will continue to help others turn their misery into a new mission or ministry.